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Product Name:SYS-HS

Product Description

The horn strobe shall be wired as a primary-signaling notification appliance and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for visible signaling appliances, flashing at 1 Hz over the strobe’s entire operating voltage range. The strobe light shall consist of a xenon flash tube and associated lens/reflector system. The horn shall have two audibility options and an option to switch between a temporal three-pattern and a non-temporal (continuous) pattern. These options are set by a multiple position switch.

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Technical Description

Standard Operating Temperature:32 to 120  (0 to49)

HumidityRange: 10 to 93% non-condensing

Strobe Flash Rate: 1 flash per second

OperatingVoltageRange: 16 to 33 V (24 V nominal); 8 to 17.5 V (12 V nominal)

Dimensions (including lens): 5.15" L × 5.0" W × 1.5" D (131 mmL× 127mmW × 38mmD)