Xi'an System Sensor Electronics, Ltd.  was founded in Xi’an as an investment of System Sensor who is a subsidiary of Honeywell Group, which is one of the world's 500, a U.S. company. Xi’an System Sensor is a leading fire detector manufacturer as the largest professional manufacturer of fire detectors around the world. Our products have severally recognized by UL & FM of U.S., ULC & CSA of Canada, CCCF, CNEX, CCS  & CMC of China,ATEX of UK, SMK of Australia, and NS of Japan, etc. The major product designs have gained national patent; The Company has ISO9001 international certification (DQS AP). Xi’an System Sensor is the first and only firm that is exempt of the Fire Electronic Product Quality System Certification test in China being rewarded in 2000, and received the title again as the only one that is exempt the surveillance in 2002; and consecutively win the title of  the top 30 company of Chinese Fire Protection Industry.

Xi'an System Sensor Electronics Ltd is a company whose production is base in Asia. In addition to dedicated in R&D, manufacturing, marketing of fire detectors, water flow indicator, modules, manual call point, audible and visible alarms and other products, we also provide point-type infrared flame detectors, distributed fiber optical temperature detection system, gas detection system, electrical fire system and aspirating smoke detector and other Industrial products. Mainly being responsible for China, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and other markets for supplies and services, now the business has also expanded to the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions.

We provide high quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and quality service to gain and maintain customer satisfaction. We are keen to cooperate with manufacturers of fire alarm equipment and fire alarm industry, and engage into a variety of ways to cooperate to explore the domestic and international markets.